Character Analysis in Taming of the Shrew

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  • Published : October 15, 2012
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Katherine (Kate the shrew): Katherine (Kate the shrew) is the central character of the play. As the older and shrewish sister, Kate must wed a man before her sister Bianca, so that the sought-after Bianca is allowed to do so. Their father Baptista's decree states that she must find a suitor or else her sister may not marry. She is loud, harsh and violent. Petruchio (of Verona): Petruchio is the man who agreed to woo Kate so that he may gain her large dowry and help his friend, Hortensio, marry Bianca. He becomes an even greater shrew and madman in her eyes (and of those around him) in order to tame her. Petruchio carries her away, throws her in the mud, starves her, and forces her to wear rags in order to create a dignified obedient woman. Petruchio is in constant search for a kiss from Kate, and eventually falls in love with her, for she has matched his madness in spirit and form. Bianca: Bianca is Baptista's youngest daughter and the prize after which three men seek victory. Lucentio, Hortensio, and Gremio are all in love with her and go to desperate measures to woo her. Although she speaks little throughout the play, she is beaten by Kate, loved by many men, and taught by the disguised teachers 'Litio' and 'Cambio.' She eventually falls in love with Lucentio and marries him. And although Kate is the shrew who must be tamed, it is Bianca who ultimately disobeys her husband at the end of the play. Lucentio: Lucentio is a young wealthy man of Pisa, who has come to Padua and fallen madly in love with Bianca. He changes clothes with his servant, Tranio, and assumes the false identity of Cambio, a schoolteacher, in order to live within the walls of Baptista's house and secretly woo Bianca. He acts as Cambio throughout most of the play, and reveals himself to his beloved. They wed and eventually tell the truth to both parents and wooers around them. Tranio: Tranio is Lucentio's servant. Upon command, he wears Lucentio's regal clothing and assumes his identity at...
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