Character Analysis in of Mice and Men

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George is the second main character and one of the protagonist after Lennie in Of Mice and Men. When Lennie gets into trouble, He always helps him find a solution or get away, though Lennie’s size combined with his mental handicap caused problems frequently. He is also a planner, telling Lennie where he should go if there is trouble on the ranch. To make the dream which is owing a ten-acre farm becomes a reality, He’s competent to work hard. Unlike the other ranch hands that squander their money on women and drink, George refuses to spend a dime in vain, saving everything to make the dream happen. He wants to buy the farm so that he and Lennie can live there, free from problems and constraints caused by society. Sometimes George is portrayed as a short-tempered, for he gets frustrated with Lennie’s slowness. Several times George thinks about what he could do if Lennie were not around, but it was only momentary thoughts. Because of George’s concern so much about Lennie, he can’t allow him to die brutally at the hands of Curley and the angry ranch hands. After painting the picture of the farm in Lennie’s mind one last time, he takes Carlson’s pistol and mercifully shoots his friend, in a totally selfless act of kindness. It was a terribly difficult thing for George to do. In the ending, Steinbeck shows us the feeling lost and alone of George without his faithful companion and without a dream to keep him going.

Proofs :

⇨ “the first man… sharp, strong features.” (Ch.1 p.19)

⇨ “so you forgot that…a crazy bastard!” [shows his temper, impatient, bullies Lennie] – (Ch.1 p.21)
⇨ “guys like us… they don’t belong no place” & “with us it ain’t like that.. that give a damn about us” [shows he’s a thinker related when he compares their relationship to other lonely soul. By having their dream, make them different] – (Ch.1 p.31-2) ⇨ “he’s my… cousin” [indicated that he really cares for Lennie, lies for him though he’s in mad] – (Ch.2 p.44) ⇨ “you was pokin’… nosey.” [show his protective yet defensive] – (Ch.2 p.45) ⇨ “hide till’ I come for you… say that over.” [he’s such a protective, clever, and able to sense danger] – (Ch.2 p.52)

❖ Lennie

Lennie is George’s friend and companion consistently, who is mentally dumb and always depend on George in difficult situations. His childlike innocence allows him to take an active role in George's dream of owning a farm. Lennie loves soft things and animals which he accidentally kills because of possesses incredible physical strength without realize or understand his own strength.

George is the apple of Lennie’s eyes for his kind caretaker, almost like a god. According to Lennie, George is totally kind, faithful, and good. He tries hard to remember everything George tells him to do and obeys him implicitly without asking any questions. Even though Lennie didn’t know how to swim, he jumped in a river one time when George jokingly told him to do so.

He constantly dreams of raising soft rabbits to be his pets on the farm. He senses that there are problems on the ranch and with Curley and begs George to take him away to the farm. At the end of the story, when he and George talk by the stream, Lennie again senses trouble and begs George to get the farm quickly. When George pulls the trigger, Lennie is dreaming about the farm and the rabbits

Proofs :

⇨ “Lennie, who had been.. imitated George exactly.” [copies George} – (Ch.1 p.20-1) ⇨ “Lennie droned.. I ain’t gonna say nothin’.” [a childlike style, cannot remember] – (Ch.1 p.24) ⇨ “go on, George.. rabbit” & “it ain’t no lie. We’re gonna do it. Gonna get a little place an’ live on the fatta the lan’,” [Lennie’s dream] – (Ch. 1 p.31 & Ch.4 p.101) ⇨ “Lennie sat in the barn and looked at the little dead puppy..” & “Lennie began to cry.. tend no rabbits.” [uncontrolled power/doesn’t know his own strength. The...
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