Character Analysis Essay

Topics: Dan Brown, Novel, Cryptography Pages: 4 (1229 words) Published: November 19, 2011
A view into the world of Susan Fletcher and her dramatic reflection and inspiration

In the book, “Digital Fortress” by Dan Brown, many characters are significantly important in the digital world and have a vast impact on “The Rise of the Internet” as seen today. The character Susan Fletcher is dedicated, determined, and independent this character is and is very influential to all goal-driven women who are to take on the challenges of the virtual world.

One of the first things to consider about a character in a novel or story is the consistency of the character throughout the entire novel. Many characters may be dynamic throughout a few chapters or near the end of the story, but in order to choose a character that is extraordinary and influential to others, there needs to be one that is consistent in their feelings, actions, thoughts, and ideas. Throughout the entire novel, Susan Fletcher is the most dynamic and consistent character. There are times when she may have doubted her intelligence and regretted some of her decisions, but she stayed calm, resolved, and on target at every stage in the novel. For instance, Susan stayed consistent in the fact that she is extremely independent. When describing the relations between David and her, they were going on a date and Susan absolutely despised the fact that David would pay. ““Susan hated seeing him lay down a full day’s salary on dinner for two, but Becker was immovable,” She said to herself: “I make more money than I know what to do with, I should be paying.” Along with her extremely independent viewpoints, Susan is very authoritative. When Susan and Strathmore realize that they have to manually shut down Translatr, she states, “I need to shut down TRANSLATR!” Susan took control. “I’m going down to the sublevels to throw the circuit breaker.”” Although Strathmore did attempt to object, ““No”, she barked, “I’m going!”. Her tone left no room for debate.”” This is only one point in time within the novel...
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