Character Analysis Essay

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Character Analysis Essay
English II

As part of our study of the novel Of Mice and Men by John Steinbeck, you will be writing a character analysis essay. Below are the criteria of this assignment.

 Choose a character to analyze.
♦ George, Lennie, Slim, Curly, Curly’s Wife

 Identify one dominant characteristic of that character.
♦ DO NOT choose a physical characteristic.
♦ Choose a PERSONALITY trait.

 Develop your analysis of the character by finding and analyzing direct quotations from the novel based on the following: ♦ How is that particular trait exemplified by the character’s Dialogue?

Physical appearance?
♦ How is that particular trait reinforced by what another character’s says about the character you have chosen?

 Based on that trait and how it is developed, decide whether your character is flat, round, static or dynamic.

Choose Character & Identify Trait ____________


Rough Draft____________

Final Paper____________


Dominant Trait:

o Opening Sentence (includes title of novel, author’s name, hint toward paper topic)

o One sentence Plot Summary (explains the main conflict of the novel)

o Introduce Character as either a protagonist, antagonist, narrator or supporting character

o Thesis: “Based on this character’s dialogue, actions, appearance and other characters’ perception of him/her, (character name) clearly possesses the trait of (list trait) making (character) a (flat, round, static, or dynamic) character.

1. Topic Sentence: (Character’s name) clearly possesses the trait of (list trait) as exemplified by his/her dialogue. a) Provide a passage where the character is using dialogue.

What does he/she say & how does it reveal the character trait and they type...
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