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Character Analysis

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  • November 19, 2011
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Character Analysis

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Character Analysis
This character analysis is on George Costanza from the TV Series Seinfeld. The show is made up of Jerry, George, Kramer, and Elaine. George is a nerdy looking individual played by Jason Alexander who is 5' 4 1/2" tall. He is best described as a short, stocky, balding man with glasses. He spends most of his time hanging out with the gang at either Jerry’s apartment or Monk’s Coffee Shop. The episode being used for analysis is from season 3 of Seinfeld titled The Note, where Jerry talks his dentist into writing referrals for George, Jerry, and Elaine, so they are able to get physical therapy massages and have them be covered by insurance. The second scene of the episode shows Elaine, Jerry, and George in Jerry’s apartment discussing his massage and how each of them act during a massage. Jerry talks for the masseuse because he believes they are bored, Elaine does not make conversation, and George is feeling guilty for the feeling he receives from the massage which is why he talks. Jerry explains that by having a note from your doctor, the procedure will be covered by insurance. Watching George’s expression change when the note is mentioned shows that George is always trying to get something for nothing. He has a slight smile and becomes very curious about the process of obtaining this note and is no longer interested in what food is in the refrigerator. He is in the physical therapist’s office and is told that his appointment is with a male masseuse. The look on his face is one of guilt and mild disturbance of the prospect. Asking Elaine to switch with him is his solution and Elaine refuses. Here is the exchange from Seinfeld Scripts online (The Note, 2002-2011):

George sits down slowly, letting this sink in.
George: I can't get a massage from a man.
Elaine: Why not?
George: What, are you crazy? I can't have a man...