Character Analysis

Topics: Death, Love, Marriage Pages: 4 (1445 words) Published: March 6, 2013
Character Analysis
In A Rose for Emily, the narrator shows us the life of a woman who has gone through so many hardships and how she tries to live her life ignoring all of her problems. The story is about a woman, Emily Grierson, trapped in her traditional ways while the outside world is changing all around her. Even after her father’s death, she refuses to bury him and puts up a fight before surrendering his body to the town. It is evident that she has a hard time letting go of things and this is the main reason why she ends up murdering her love, Homer Barron. She senses that he is going to leave her and she does not want to be alone like she used to be after her father’s death. The story is not about a woman who selfishly kills her love, but about the real life story of a woman who has lived a dreadful life and why she has come to the decision to commit murder. This is one of the reason I have empathy for Emily. She was lonely and has nothing left in her life,having an over protective father, heartbroken, and judged by the town. After everything that happen to Emily, I understand why here actions her so extreme. This is why I truly empathize with Emily and here actions. In the town of Jefferson, Emily, an old woman, who has lived there her entire life should have friends and family; however, this isnot the case. She is as lonely as ever. When Emily was growing up it was just Emily and her dad. Although Emily was very wealthy, she was lonelyperson as she grew up. In addition, she could not get married to anyone. Emily’s father thought the suitors were not good enough to marry his daughter from such a high class. He would chase them off with a whip. Emily lives her life under her father. After living like this for so many years, Emily is left with nothing after her father dies. Due to that fact that her father has driven all the men who wanted to enter her life, she is left alone after her father’s death. Her father affects her attitude towards men. Therefore,...
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