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I, , read 471 pages of Graceling by Kristin Cashore. This book has a majority of conflicts that are solved throughout the novel, though the main conflicts occur in the very first chapter, when Katsa, the main character, rescues a Lienid grandfather who had been kidnapped and imprisoned in a dungeon cell. This books genre is fiction since this story occurs in a very different world from ours.

Kasta and the council, a group that has grown throughout all seven kingdoms, know who kidnapped the Lienid grandfather, which was King Murgon of Sunder, but they do not understand why he would do it since he did not usually do things to cause trouble unless if it was for someone else and money was involved. So Kasta and the council members try to figure out which of the six other kings had asked Murgon to kidnap the Lienid grandfather and what the king’s motive was. Po, a Lienid prince and one of the seven grandsons of the Lienid grandfather, does a bit of investigation in the surrounding kingdoms.

The first main character in this book is Kasta, a female with an exceptional skill, also known as grace, when it comes to combat. Her grace is thought to be a killing grace due to how she had accidently killed a cousin of hers, though she finds out later in the novel that her grace is one of survival. The second main character is Po, who is in search of answers for the reason of his Grandfathers kidnapping. He is graced much like Kats, though his is more complicated. His grace allows him to sense the energies of people, animals, and even the landscape around him, though everyone believes that his grace is of fighting because he has kept it a secret and only four people know of his grace, one of them being Kasta.

A Subordinate character of the book is King Randa, who is the king of the Middluns and Kasta’s Uncle. He uses Kasta as an executioner, usually having her go off and kills people who have committed crimes against him, or hurt them bad enough so that they never disobey...
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