Chapter One: 1.4 Arguments and Explanations/ Page 24-26

Topics: Translation, Premise, Language interpretation Pages: 3 (959 words) Published: January 27, 2013
Chapter One: 1.4 Arguments and Explanations/ Page 24-26
Exercises 10: This is essentially an argument. The author argues, “Love looks not with eyes but with mind.” However, Shakespeare primary argumentative claim is that true love is able to ignore superficial beauty and appreciate the genuine value of a person. Thus, he believes that Cupid, being the agent of love, is therefore blind to appearance. Cupid is often portrayed in art as wearing a blindfold, "painted blind". Yet, the following passage contains some argument and has been interpreted as argument. Therefore, the entire propositions preceding the first judgment and/ or claim of the passage serve as premises. Exercises 11: This is an explanation passage; the author explains the responds of an article “Why Humans and Their Fur Parted Ways” that was posted in The New York Times. Yet, one might interpret this passage as an argument by passage premises is that the fact of “women have less body hare then man and how it is related to grater sexual selection pressure on woman.” Regardless to this interpretation, the intact of this proposition is above this passage is the premises. Exercises 12: This is pretty clearly an argument passage; the argument is the fact of mad, mutual assured destruction is deterrent. The author argues that mad is commonly a self-confident damage and be supposed to a valuable within the discourage of nuclear attack during the cold war. Yet, he believes that Iran’s leaders do not give a damn as regards of murdering their own natives group in vast figures. The author’s argument is a justification in which the reason functions as evidence in support of the conclusion. Thus, the passage is a purpose of providing a rational basis for believing the conclusion to be true. Due to this interpretation, the propositions preceding the primary claim that is mutual assured destruction is deterrent. Exercises 13: This is an explanation passage; what is being explained is the discover of...
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