Chapter Four Essay- the Empire in Transition

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  • Published : October 13, 2011
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Chapter Four Essay- The Empire in Transition
The French and Indian war, also referred to as the Seven Years war, was the very beginning of a hostile relationship between the colonies and Great Britain. The outcome of the war left Britain with a numerous amount of dilemmas to deal with. The French and Indian war was simply a continuation of a series of wars that had involved the French and British in North America. Many events led up to this astounding war. Whether it was English colonists yearning to take over northern French territory or the struggle that the British underwent to have fur trading in French domains. The French feared that the English were trying to use the trading concessions as a first step toward expansion into French lands. Soon after, five Indian nations allied themselves with the British and assumed an essentially passive role in the conflict that would later occur. Tensions had lingered between the English and the French for half a decade, up until the death of some Frenchmen at Fort Necessity. This assault sparked the beginning of a lengthy and very expensive war.

After Britain’s victory in the French and Indian war, Britain was experiencing a countless amount of complications. The French and Indian war led to England’s greatly expanded territorial claims in the New World and due to the large expansion came a abundantly large debt crisis that Britain had to deal with. The war had literally drained the British treasury. Britain became very bitter and angry at the American colonists for making very few financial contributions to a struggled waged mainly for American benefit. Britain particularly disliked that some colonial merchants were selling food and other related goods to the French in the West Indies for the duration of the war. The English’s general leaders leaned towards a reconstruction of the empire due to the previous actions following the war.

The problems that Britain faced in the aftermath of the war...
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