Chapter 9

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  • Published : March 13, 2013
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Chapter 9 Notes

* Salespeople should understand the customer’s needs in order to suggest solutions. * The Approach refers to the time from when they first see the buyer to when they begin to discuss the product. * Prospects want to know how you and your product will benefit them and the companies they represent. * Sales approach should initially establish and thereafter concentrate on, your product’s key benefits for each prospect. * Creative Imagery-allows them to better cope with stress. Envisions the worst that can happen. * The first impression is centered on the image projected by your (1) appearance and (2) attitude. * Approach techniques are grouped into three categories: (1) opening with a statement; (2) opening with a demonstration; and (3) opening with one or more questions. * Statement and demonstration approach techniques have three basic objectives: * To capture the prospect’s attention

* To stimulate the prospect’s interest
* To provide a transition into the sales presentation
* The introductory approach is the most common and the least powerful because it does little to capture the prospect’s attention and interest. * The complimentary approach is sincere.
* The referral approach is effective if the prospect respects that person; it is important to remember, however, that the referral approach can have a negative effect if the prospect does not like the person you refer to. * You can still get on track by offering the buyer something for nothing-a premium. * A premium approach-is effective because everyone likes to receive something for free. (Free samples and novelty items) * Demonstrations also leave a favorable impression with a prospect. * Product Approach-the salesperson places the product on the counter or hands it to the customer, saying nothing. The salesperson waits for the prospect to begin the conversation. * The showmanship approach-involves doing something unusual...
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