Chapter 7 Mcgraw Hill Pertinent Questions Answers

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  • Published : January 26, 2012
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Pertinent Questions Chapter 7

31. How did the Embargo affect the election of 1808, and what was the response of the new president to diplomatic problems that the Embargo had addressed?

The Embargo created a depression on the nation and gave merchants the impression that Jefferson was acting unconstitutionally. Therefore, in the election of 1808, the Federalists ran stronger than before. Even though the Republicans won the presidency, Madison understood that the Embargo was a political liability and eventually removed it. Instead, he passed the Non-Intercourse Act, which told Britain and France that if either of them were to violate the United State’s rights as a neutral country, they would immediately oppose that country until they agreed.

33. What was Tecumseh's attitude toward the treaties previously negotiated between the United States and various Indian tribes? How did he plan to prevent the expansion of white settlements?

Tecumseh believed that the negotiations were all void since the land belonged to all of the tribes. He thought that in order for the United States to actually gain the land, they would have to consult all of the tribes. Tecumseh knew that in order to prevent the Americans from expanding, the Indian leaders would have to unite their cause.

35. Why did Americans want to wrest control of Florida from the Spanish? What attempts were made to do this before 1812? Which attempts were successful, and which failed?

The South wanted to gain control of Florida in order to gain valuable ports. Florida also ran through rivers, making it suitable for transportation and agriculture. In 1810, some settlers obtained the fort at Baton Rouge. Madison annexed the territory and then planned to gain more Floridian land. The attempt to gain more land from Florida was unsuccessful until later in time.

40. Why did New England oppose the War of 1812? Prior to 1814, what did the New England states do to hinder the war effort?

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