Chapter 7

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  • Published : February 18, 2013
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Chapter 7 David Connor

1. The ____________ motor is the most common motor used in hermetically sealed units. a. Capacitor-start, induction run
b. Repulsion-start, induction run
c. Induction run
d. Induction run two phase and polyphase
2. Of the four listed motors, which is the most commonly used on external drive, belt driven compressors? e. Induction two-phase and polyphase.
f. Permanent split capacitor.
g. Repulsion-start, induction-run.
h. Capacitor run.
3. Bimetal switches will open if___________.
i. The current load is too high
j. There is poor air circulation
k. There is poor refrigerant circulation
l. Both A and B
4. _____________motors are usually used in hermetic refrigerators. m. Capacitor-start, induction run, and split-phase
n. Repulsion-start, induction-run, and split-phase
o. Induction-run and repulsion-start
p. Repulsion-start and split-phase
5. How many terminals does a domestic hermetic motor usually have? q. One.
r. Two.
s. Three
t. Four
6. The starting capacitor is connected in ____________with the starting windings. u. Series
v. parallel
w. Reverse
x. Any of the above
7. What is the name of the fan motor used by a hermetic system? y. Induction
z. PSC
{. Reactor
|. All of the above.
8. How is the fan motor connected to the compressor motor control? }. In parallel and controlled by refrigerant control.
~. In series and controlled by the thermostat.
. In parallel and controlled by the thermostat.
. In series and controlled by the refrigerant control. 9. A hermetic system is a _______________.
. motor and compressor in a dome
. compressor that is belt driven
. direct-drive motor
. hermetic...
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