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Chapter 52 Htn

By | November 2012
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Chapter 52
Management of Clients with Hypertensive Disorders


1. A patient has BPs taken at an outpatient clinic. BP measurements that would indicate that the patient has hypertension include:

a. an initial visit BP of 156/96
b. on two different visits, BP of 142/92 and 136/86
c. on three different visits, BP of 144/94, 156/90, and 142/88 d. on three different visits, BP of 158/94, 126/88, and 132/82

2. Identify four (4) risk factors for primary hypertension that are not related to lifestyle behaviors.

a. Family history

b. Age

c. Gender

d. Ethnicity

3. Secondary hypertension is differentiated from primary hypertension in that secondary hypertension

a. has a more gradual onset than primary hypertension
b. does not cause target-organ damage that occurs with primary hypertension c. has a specific cause, such as renal disease, that often can be corrected by medication or surgery d. is caused by age-related changes in BP regulatory mechanisms in individuals over 65 years of age

4. Most organ damage that occurs from hypertension is related to

a. increased fluid pressure exerted against organ tissue
b. atherosclerotic changes in vessels that supply the organs c. erosion and thinning of blood vessels from constant pressure d. increased hydrostatic pressure causing leakage of plasma into organ interstitial spaces

5. A patient does not respond to treatment of stage 1 hypertension with lifestyle modifications within 1 year. Initial drug therapy that would be indicated for the patient includes a

a. thiazide diuretic
b. B-adrenergic blocker and an ACE inhibitor
c. loop diuretic and a direct acting vasodilator
d. calcium channel blocker

6. Teaching to include dietary sources of potassium is indicated for the hypertensive patient taking

a. enalapril (Vasotec)
b. labetalol (Normodyne)
c. spironolactone...

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