Chapter 5 Animal Farm Comprehension

Topics: Soviet Union, Animal Farm, Leon Trotsky Pages: 3 (989 words) Published: March 12, 2013
Animal Farm Comprehension and Analysis- Chapter-5

Section A: Short Answers:

1. The pigs made all of the decisions on the farm policy because they were the smartest on the farm. 2. Snowball and Napoleon are always at odds with each other. 3. Three examples that show that they were always odds with each other was that napoleon was more demanding and snowball only wanted happiness. If one of them suggested sowing a bigger acreage with barely, the other was certain to demand a bigger acreage of oats, and if one of them said that such and such a field was just right for cabbages, the other would declare that it was useless for anything except roots. 4. Snowball was famous for his brilliant speeches.

5. The sheep’s mantra was “four legs good, two legs bad”. 6. At the end of the chapter boxer’s mantra became ‘napoleon is always right’ in addition to the other motto ‘I will work harder’. 7. Two improvements snowball had for animal farm was about field drains, silage, and basic slag, and had worked out a complicated scheme for all the animals to drop their dung directly in the fields, at a different spot every day, to save the labor of cartage. 8. Napoleon urinated on snowballs plans to undermine him. 9. To assist him with the mechanical designs of the windmill snowball used three books which had belonged to Mr. Jones- One Thousand Useful Things to Do About the House, Everyman His Own Bricklayer, and Electricity for Beginners. 10. Napoleons argument against the building of the wind mill was that he believed that the great need of the movement was to increase food production and that if they wasted time on the windmill they would all starve to death. 11. Some proof of the fact that some of the animals had no minds of their own was because they couldn’t make up their minds which was right; they always found themselves in agreement with the one who was speaking at the moment. 12. The dogs represent the NKVD and more specifically...
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