Chapter 5 & 8 Florida Building Codes Paper

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Chapter 5 & 8 Florida Building codes Paper

Chapter 5 of the Florida building codes covers the provisions that control the height and area of structures hereafter erected and additions to existing structures. Premises Identification 501.2
All buildings, including homes, located within the city shall have the number assigned them by the city engineer. The number shall be a contrasting color either located in a clearly visible portion of such building from the adjacent road or in the front yard in a clearly visible site from such adjacent road, and shall be furnished and installed by the property owner. Letters or numbers shall be a minimum 3 inches (76 mm) in height and stroke of minimum 0.5 inch (12.7 mm) of a contrasting color to the background itself. Florida building code requires that the property have identifying markers that serve as the buildings physical address that is visibly seen from any street or roadway. It is not stated on the floor plans that’s there are such signage that is to be constructed on placed on site but being that this is a proposed shopping area we can assume that it will have the necessary identification on the premises that identifies the property. The Eureka Business Park located at S. W. 184th St Miami, Fl was designed as a commercial structure that was partitioned in sections that will later be leased to public entities. Its building was compromised of building #1 which was 4860 SF and Building # 2which was 12042 SF combined totaling 16, 902 SF. This lot was designed for commercial use and was zoned to have a total of 45ft in height or 4 stories Max. This structure falls under the Type Group construction. I does not have a basement and does not count as a story in the plans for this structure. This structure contains a maximum of two stories above ground level.
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