Chapter 42 - 44 of Genesis Summary

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Chapter 42
Jacob saw that there was corn in Egypt and tells his sons to retrieve it in order to survive, all except the youngest of brothers so he doesn’t act in mischievous ways. They meet their brother Joseph yet do not know his identity while Joseph knows theirs. Joseph sets them up to be condemned as spies in order to see his youngest brother to seek the truth from him and sends Judah to retrieve the youngest. Joseph weeps from the fact that his brothers do not know him.

Chapter 43
Famine is extreme in the land, and since Jacob and his sons are running low on food once again they need to go to Egypt in order to regain a fulfilling supply. Jacob is trying to meet the demands of Joseph. Joseph Still speaks in disguise in order not to have his true identity be revealed yet still tries to obtain information from his brothers. In order to meet the demands of Joseph they bring their along with some extra gifts for the cooperation of Joseph. Joseph greets his brothers for the second time very gracefully into his own house and is pleased with the gifts as they dine together.

Chapter 44
The brothers now receive a plentiful amount of food yet are still in bondage. While in bondage Joseph questions his brothers and finds out what happened to him after they sold him and how they had deceived their father. Joseph understands that he was the preferred child which caused tension among the children. Judah describes Jacobs pain after the loss of Joseph and tells Joseph that the loss of Benjamin would lead Jacob to his death and so he offers himself in the of Benjamin at the cost of his own freedom.
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