Chapter 4 Case Study Sport Marketing

Topics: Sampling, Stratified sampling, Sampling techniques Pages: 2 (603 words) Published: April 7, 2013
Sport Marketing
September 11, 2012
Case Study 4 Potential In China
1. For the probability sampling the technique of systematic sampling would work because it is less time consuming and does not take the entire population of China, which is way to, large for a company to sample. Cluster sampling would also be another great technique that researchers could use because it focuses more on demographics in highly populated areas. Stratified sampling would also be a good alternative because it focuses its research off income per capital household. For the non-probability sampling, firstly the convenience sampling would show where the high-traffic areas of sporting good merchandises are purchased. Quota sampling would also just expand the convenience sampling by identifying how much money the average consumer spends per year in sporting goods. The technique I feel most qualified to make sure this research is valid and reliable would use probability sampling of consumers based off the stratified model. Mainly my reasoning is because it will focus on how much the consumer has to spend in their budget towards the sporting good industry. If the consumers do not have the extra money to spend the market is useless. 2. Personally if I were going to enter this market based off of the 11 factors that influenced the people who completed the survey I would not enter this market. Starting at the first factor they say that mostly sporting appear were purchased for exercise not because they are a fan of a specific sporting team or player. The third factor pertains to the amount of money spent per year on sporting goods. It seems typically low compared to the US, because I know as a season ticket holder of the Philadelphia Eagles my family spends anywhere from 3000$-5000$ in tickets, jerseys, concessions, and apparel. The fourth factor shows that primarily the Chinese are buying shoes and that does not give me reason to move forward in this market. The seventh factor shows...
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