Chapter 4

Topics: Kinship, Matrilineality, Patrilineality Pages: 2 (428 words) Published: March 7, 2013
Xiaofeng Liu
Box # 278
Chapter 4: Fernando Seeks a Wife: Sex and Blood Marriage, Family, and Household
a) Romantic love played a very small role in Fernando’s calculations. b) Reckoning it is nearly impossible for a man or a woman to maintain a household on his or her own. c) Marriage is an alliance between two group of people and is therefore too important to be decided by a pair of flighty teenagers. d) Marriage is associated with transfers of wealth among the parties involved. e) Transfer serve to legitimate the marriage and acknowledge that a transfer of rights has taken place between the different groups. f) Levirate and sororate both typically encountered in patriarchal society. g) The idea seems to be one of fulfilling a contractual obligation on the part of a dead woman’s kin to provide her husband with a wife. h) This seems to be the central point- the marriage relationship is one contracted between two group of kin and persists beyond the lives of those actually married. i) Opposite sex based on a deep and abiding complementarity that extends beyond household decisions to include deeper spiritual matters. My Milk, My Blood: Kinship and Descent

a) Once the baby is born, it continues to receive its mother’s blood, in the form of breast milk. b) Throughout the world the idea that individuals who share blood are bound to one another by powerful ties is the basis for domestic and child-rearing groups. c) Ideology of shared descent was the principal way societies were organized. d) For patrilineal groups, descent is reckoned in the male line. e) A patrilineage mae and female, to whom I am related because we are all descended from a common ancestor. f) For matrilineal groups, descent is reckoned in the female line. g) As women do not transmit the affiliation of their birth to their children in a patrilineage. h) Men do not transmit their affiliation to their children in a...
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