Chapter 3 the Marketing Environment

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  • Published : November 13, 2012
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Chapter 3
The Marketing Environment

GENERAL CONTENT: Multiple-Choice Questions

1.The most commercially influential demographic group in history is _____. a. Generation X
b. baby boomers
c. Generation Y
d. seniors
e. infants
(Answer: b; p. 70; Easy)

1. All of the groups within a company are called the _____.
a. culture
b. diversity
c. internal environment
d. climate
e. range
(Answer: c; p. 66; Moderate)

2. Which of the following do suppliers not provide marketers within your firm? a. Resources to produce products and services.
b. Insight into trends and competitors.
c. Partners in creating and delivering customer value.
d. The funding for your paychecks.
e. B and C
(Answer: d; p. 67; Moderate)

3. Which of these firms help companies to stock and move goods from their points of origin to their destination? a. Financial intermediaries.
b. Physical distribution firms.
c. Marketing service firms.
d. Resellers.
e. Modified rebuyers.
(Answer: b; p. 67; Easy)

4. Banks, credit companies, insurance companies, and other businesses that help finance transactions or insure against the risks associated with the buying and selling of goods and services are referred to as _____. a. financial intermediaries

b. physical distribution firms
c. marketing service agencies
d. resellers
e. wholesalers
(Answer: a; p. 67; Moderate)

5. Percy Original caters to a market of individuals and households that buys goods and services for personal consumption. What do we call this market? a. Business.
b. Reseller.
c. Government.
d. Consumer.
e. Marketing intermediary.
(Answer: d; p. 67; Easy)

6. What is the name of the market that buys goods and services for further processing or for use in the production process? a. Business.
b. Reseller.
c. Wholesale.
d. Consumer.
e. Retail.
(Answer: a; p. 67; Easy)

7. Rachel Patino works for a wholesale company called Distributors Unlimited. She is responsible for buying and selling goods at a profit to small retailers. What is her market? a. Business.
b. Reseller.
c. Wholesale.
d. Consumer.
e. Retail.
(Answer: b; p. 67; Moderate)

8. A company’s marketing environment includes various _____ that consists of any group that has an actual or potential interest in, or impact on, an organization’s ability to achieve its objectives. a. teams

b. audiences
c. markets
d. publics
e. intermediaries
(Answer: d; p. 68; Moderate)

9. This type of public is a radio station that carries news, features, and editorial opinions about your area. What is it? a. Financial.
b. Media.
c. Citizen-action.
d. Local.
e. Regional.
(Answer: b; p. 68; Easy)

10. A consumer organization, environmental group, or minority group have challenged your firm’s stand on a local issue. This is the _____ public. a. general
b. local
c. government
d. citizen-action
e. media
(Answer: d; p. 68; Challenging)

11. Your marketing environment is currently researching the size, density, location, age, and occupations of your target market. What is this environment? a. Demographic.
b. Psychographic.
c. VALS.
d. Geographic.
e. Product use.
(Answer: a; p. 69; Moderate)

12. Statisticians have projected the world’s population to reach _____ billion by the year 2030. a. 6.5
b. 6.9
c. 7.5
d. 7.9
e. 8.1
(Answer: e; p. 69; Easy)

13. The three largest age groups in America are the baby boomers, Generation X, and _____. a. seniors
b. Generation Y
c. teens
d. toddlers
e. infants
(Answer: b; p. 70; Moderate)

14. You distribute coupons to every person in America. Sooner or later, you will reach all _____ million people in this country. a. 267
b. 277
c. 287
d. 296
e. 297
(Answer: d; p. 70; Easy)

15. Research has shown...
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