Chapter 3 Terms Apush

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  • Published : November 7, 2010
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Chapter Name/Term| Identify| Significance|
Royal Africa Company| The Royal African Company was a slaving company set up by the Stuart family and London merchants once the former retook the English throne in the English Restoration of 1660. It was led by James, Duke of York, Charles II's brother. Originally known as the Company of Royal Adventurers Trading to Africa, it was granted James II.| | Middle Passage| Part of the Triangular trade. The part of the journey where millions of enslaved Africans were taken from Africa to the New World, in order to be traded for raw materials. On the passage, there were terrible conditions and abuse, and many died on the way.| | Barbados Slave Codes| Began to be passed in early 18th century in colonies which limited the rights of blacks.| Unlike in Spanish colonies, color determined if a person was subject to slave code. Anyone of African Ancestry was classified as black.| Indentured System| System of temporary servitude; people bound themselves to masters for a fixed term and in return received a passage to America, food and shelter.| Flow began to decline in 1670s bcs an increase in English prosperity gave them no reason to leave.| Scotch Irish| Where coldly received most of the times, and occupied land w/o much regard to who actually owned it. Became significant influence in New Jersey and Pennsylvania where they helped est. Presbyterianism.| |

Name/Term| Identify| Significance|
Chesapeake Cash Crops (tobacco-rice-indigo)| Began to hold strong European demand, esp. tobacco, and this way planters began to grow enormously wealthy. The overproduction was never understood by planters in Chesapeake. | | Saugus Iron Works| 1640s: 1st effort to est. a significant metals industry in colonies in Massachusetts. Used water power, it was a great tech. success but a financial failure. It was forced to close in 1668.| | Peter Hasenclever| German ironmaster: created largest industrial enterprise in...
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