Chapter 3 Section2 History

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Chapter 3 Section2 History

By | November 2012
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Amon-Re – the sun god
Osiris- Egyptian god
Isis – The Egyptian goddess
Akhenaton – The pharaoh of Eqypt in 1380 B.C
Mummification – The process for covering a pharaoh’s body into a mummy Hieroglyphics – Social Classes
Papyrus – A paperlike writing material
Decipher – figure out the meaning of a passage
Rosetta Stone – flat black stone carved in hieroglyphics.

2. Religion is one of the most important things in the Egyptian culture. Egyptians learns and worship from their god.

3. Because the pharaoh selected the god while it is suppose to be pharaoh selecting him.

4. The book of the dead explains that there is another world in afterlife that is the reason why they built pyramid for the pharaohs.

5. Artisans, traders, they weren’t allowed to be a priest. Monotheistic- believing only one god
Torah- the most scared text
Abraham- a man migrated to Canaan
Covenant – promise and agreement
Moses – An Israelite renewed god’s covenant.
David- The strong and wise second king of Israel.
Solomon- David’s son.
Patriarchal –held the greatest legal and moral authority.
Sabbath –a holy day for rest and worship
Prophet – reminded the Jewish people of their duties.
Ethics – moral standards of behavior.
Diaspora – Spreading out of the Jews.
2. Monotheistic made people stand out from all the other believes. Making it one of a special religion. 3. God had made the following covenant, to Abraham. It became the basis of Judaism. 4. Israel was divided into northern Israel and Southern Israel, which made both of them suffered and the empires eventually fade down. 5. The ten commandments.

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