Chapter 3 Astrazeneca

Topics: Control, Management, Investment Pages: 1 (341 words) Published: November 27, 2011
Chapter 3 Real World Case 1
AstraZeneca, United Health, and Others: IT Asses Management-Do You Know What You’ve Got? Case Study Questions:
1. These companies are mostly focusing on managing the myriad of platforms, hardware, and the software that makes up their IT infrastructures. Also they are focusing on the procurement, configuration, installation, life cycle, and asset management. The problem was that most of these companies don’t have a proper asset management process in place. These companies arrived at this problem from overlooking the benefits from IT asset management. Companies were losing tons of money and weren’t able to acquire potential cost savings from vendors. Also the time and money spent on releases, updates, and patches were a big problem and needed to be fixed. 2.First of all, these IT asset management programs put the IT in way better control of its assets. It helps out with very intelligent decisions that companies need to make such as what they should get rid of, and also maybe even get them a newer technology with all the money it saved from the program. IT asset management programs are also very beneficial in moments like mergers, acquisitions, and uncontrolled corporate growth. AstraZeneca benefited from the IT asset management program as it helped them gain greater level of control and knowledge. AstraZeneca is now in a position to enter negotiations from position of strength, confidence, and knowledge. UnitedHealth benefited from these asset management programs from reducing their total cost of ownership per desktop as much as $160. Also UHG has converted 75,000 out of 90,000 devices to the new standards, and bringing in $42 million in annual savings. 3.First, UGH should encourage the companies to make the same changes and implementations that UGH made. And also show them the figures of all the time and money that they saved from implementing new standards and management processes. UHG should also consider on what’s going to be...
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