Chapter 29 Study Guide

Topics: World War II, World War I, Soviet Union Pages: 4 (831 words) Published: April 18, 2012
Ch. 29 Study Guide
1.Hitler's "master race" reserved intense hatred for
2.The German Blitzkrieg meant, literally,
-Lightening War
3.The slogan repeated in fascist Italy was
- "Il Duce (the leader) is always right."
4.Which of the following scientific and technological innovations were not spurred by World War II?
5.The stock market crash of 1929 turned into
-the deepest, most widespread depression in history.
6.The Holocaust is estimated to have killed ________ Jews.
- 6 million
7.If the allies had agreed sooner to allow the Japanese to retain the emperor
-the war might have ended without the use of the atomic bomb. 8.The key to victory in the Pacific Ocean was
-aircraft carriers
9.Stalin's First Five-Year Plan stressed
-increases in electricity and heavy industries.
10.Which two countries were particularly hard hit by the Depression?
-Japan and Germany
11.The reaction to collectivization of the better-off peasants, or kulaks, was to
- burn their crops and kill their livestock.
12.What did Adolf Hitler write while in jail in the 1920's?
-Mein Kampf
13.The Soviet Union paid for the First Five-Year Plan by
-squeezing the peasants.
14.Hitler's goal for Germany was
-All of these
to eliminate the Jews from Europe
to take over all German-speaking territory
the repeal of the Treaty of Versailles.
to expand into Poland
15.Mao Zedong's 1934 escape from the Guomindang to Shaanxi was called the
-Long March
16.Joseph Stalin's goal was to
-turn the USSR into an industrial nation.
17.Despite the Stalinist terror, Soviet women
-entered jobs and careers previously closed to them.
18.Nationalists during the Depression yearned for autarchy, which was defined as
-self-sufficiency and economic independence from the world economy. 19.Why were people attracted to the messages of radical politicians after World War I?
-They were embittered as a result of World War I...
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