Chapter 24 World History Study Guide

Topics: British Empire, Colonialism, Africa Pages: 3 (1011 words) Published: May 1, 2012
During the Industrial Era, What “Things did Europeans seek Overseas”?| Raw materials(metals, vegetable oils, dyes, cotton, and hemp—needed to feed the machines of Europe, not spices or manufactured goods, were the main products the Europeans wanted.| What fueled European imperialist expansion in the Industrial Age?| From internal rivalries between the European powers themselves.| What was the chief interest of the Dutch and English East India Companies?| Profits| How did the communication impact the trading companies?| The Commanders in the field could no longer act on their own decisions because now the owners of the trading companies could now give orders and control their companies from a farther distance, as opposed to before where it would take months to send an order to the colonies.| What Country controlled Java?| Dutch|

During the 18th century, how many wars did the British and the French find themselves on opposite sides?| Five major wars| What tactic did Robert Clive use in his impressive victory over the ruler Nawab Siraj-us-duala in the Battle of Plassey? (List three tactics)| 1. Hired spies to give him detailed accounts of Nawab’s army with money he got from Hindu Bankers. 2. Clive bought off the Nawab’s chief general and several of his key allies. 3. Paid his soldiers well while Nawab did not. 4. Nawab’ Indian allies defected and Clive had superior artillery.| Why was the battle of Plassey so significant to the British? | The British gained control of the sizeable Bengal-Bihar region which established the foundations of Britain’s Indian and global empire.| Like the Dutch, how did the British often gain control of the Indian kingdom?| The British often became involved in succession disputes and ended up controlling the kingdoms being contested. The British were easily able to conquer the warring states of what used to be the Mughal Empire.| Why were Indian ports essential to the British?| They were essential to...
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