Chapter 24 to Kill a Mocking Bird

Topics: To Kill a Mockingbird, Harper Lee, Northern Mockingbird Pages: 2 (785 words) Published: May 12, 2013
Chapter 24: Summary/Analyze
To kill a Mocking Bird

Chapter 24, is the end of August, it started with Jem and Dill have gone swimming, because Jem discover that nobody had ever bothered to teach Dill how to swim, Jem considered that swimming is a skill necessary as walking, and wouldn't let Scout come along because they were planning to skinny dip. Aunt Alexandra has ladies over for a meeting of the Missionary Society of Maycomb, missionary tea is just a church fund-raising activity to support missionary or generous projects; Scout attends dressed in her finest clothes and working hard to behave properly in order for her to learn to be a lady. She has difficulty following the conversation as the women gossip and discuss various topics. The women discuss the trouble of the Mruna people, a non-Christian group in Africa who are said to live in dirt and are being renewed thanks to the efforts of a missionary named J. Grimes Everett. Scout doesn't enjoy being around women but does her best to take part. Miss Stephanie Crawford asks Scout if she wants to be a lawyer when she grows up, since she's already taken to attending trials. Scout tries to be polite, but Miss Stephanie keeps irritating her. So finally, Scout replies that she doesn't want to be a lawyer, just a lady. Scout try to take up conversation with Mrs. Grace Merriweather, Eventually Mrs. Merriweather is distracted by a conversation going on next to her. The conversation moves toward the topic of Tom's wife, Helen. Mrs. Merriweather talks about how stressful it is when the colored help is cranky about something, and how it's important to remind them that Jesus was never cranky about anything so they should try to do the same. Another lady says that no amount of education will ever make "Christians" out of black people, and that, "there's no lady safe in her bed these nights." Miss Maudie tersely shows her differing opinion on this topic. Aunt Alexandra smooths things over with more cake, and turns the...
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