Chapter 23 Vocab

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  • Published : December 6, 2009
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Les Hunter
November 17,2009
Chp 23 vocab
6th hour
1.Medicines- drugs that are used to treat or prevent disease or other conditions. 2.Drugs- substances other than food that change the structure of the body or mind. 3.Vaccine-a preperation introduced into the body to stimulate an immune response. 4.Analgesics-pain relievers.

5.side effects- reactions to medicine other than the one intended. 6.Additive interaction- medicins work together in a postive way. 7.Synergistic effect- interaction of two or more medicines that result in a greater effect than when the medicines are taken alone. 8.Antagonistic interaction- the effect of one medicine is canceled or reduced when taken with another medicine. 9.Substance abuse- any unnecessary or improper use of chemical substances for nonmedical purposes. 10.Illegal drugs- chemical substances that people of any age may not lawfully manfacture, possess, buy, or sell. 11.Illicit drug use- the use or sale of any sbstance that is legal or otherwise not permitted. 12.Overdose-a strong, sometimes fatal reaction to taking a large amount of a drug. 13.Psychological dependence-a condition when a person believes that a drug is needed in order to feel good or to function normally. 14.Physiological dependence- a condition in which the user has a chemical needfor the drug. 15.Addiction- a physiological or psychological dependence on a drug. 16.Marijuana- a plant whose leaves, buds, and flowers are smoked for their intoxicating effects. 17.Paranoia-an irratational suspicousness or distrust of others. 18.Inhalants- substances whose fumes are sniffed and inhaled to achieve a mind-altering effect. 19.Anabolic-androgenic steroids- synthetic substances that are similar to the male sex hormone testosterone. 20.Psychoactive drugs- chemicals that affect the central nervous system and alter activity in the brain. 21.Stimulants- drugs that speed up the central nervous system. 22.Euphoria-...
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