Chapter 21 Outline

Topics: United States, Latin America, Cuba Pages: 3 (866 words) Published: May 13, 2013
Diego Valverde
May 5, 2013
CTQWhat are possible solutions to improve economic and social conditions?How do you reverse inequality and foreign domination?How did Christian missionary organization use the imperialist ideals of their nations to further their own ends?How did the United States manipulate affairs in Latin America in order to gain a political and economic foothold In Latin America? | Chapter 33 - Latin America: Revolution and Reaction Into the 21st CenturyLatin America After World War II * Brazil and Argentina ruled by reformers w/ populist agenda * Military forced to repress to maintain control * Military tried to gain prestige/nationalism in war for Falkland IslandsMexico and the PRI * PRI – Party of the Institutionalized Revolution * Stability provided – controls politics – one-party system, * 1994 Zapatistas revolt in Chiapas – frustrated * Problem solved through repression/negotiation * North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) – unclear if successful * Attempt to improve political situation * Trade increases * Middle class gets rich and large income gap between middle class and poor * 2000 PRI finally defeated by Vicente Fox – PAN party * Platform – end corruption, improve life for Mexican workers in US * Radical Options in the 1950s * Mexico – one-party conservative rule * Venezuela/Costa Rica – reform minded democraciesRadical solutions as possibility * Continued problems that never improve * Revolutions go too far left, bring back military into control * Bolivia – link of miners, labor, peasantsGuatemala: Reform and United States Intervention * Land distributed unequally * Reformer Juan Jose Arevalo tries reforms * Income tax * Intense nationalism * Problem – policies conflict with desires of United Fruit Company * Foreign owned company that has a lot to lose * 1951 Colonel Jacobo Arbenz tries to go even further * Tries to nationalize transportation, hydroelectric system *...
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