Chapter 2 - Review of Related Literature

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Review of literature is an early step for conducting research. It enables to avoid the duplication of research work and broadens the understanding of the research problem. Various research studies related to the present research problem “A Study of the Use of Libraries of Colleges of Education in Punjab” has been conducted in India and other countries of the world. These studies relate to the different aspects of libraries particularly college libraries, including library administration, finance, document collection, library staff, services, physical facilities, use of libraries by students, research scholars and teachers, their information seeking behavior, use pattern and user’s satisfaction with the resources and services of libraries, etc. In this chapter, a review of the selective and useful studies related to the research problem has been attempted. RESOURCES AND SERVICES Mukherjee (1965) carried out a study titled, “Library Facilities in Training Colleges of India” to assess the prevalent position of 50 teacher training college libraries. Questionnaire was used as data collection tool. Study revealed that majority of libraries did not have sufficient space for proper functioning. Some of teacher training colleges did not have their own libraries. Staff and students depended on the university libraries to which education section was attached.


All libraries were lacking abstracting, indexing and inter-library loan services. Another study was conducted by Hingwe (1969) under title “Organizational Patterns of Academic Libraries.” A survey of 50 libraries, covering 44 constituent and affiliated college libraries and 06 recognized research institutions libraries falling under jurisdictions of the University of Poona was conducted. Objective was to find the adequacy of library facilities to supplement the teaching and research programmes of concerned institutions. It was found that newly established institutions were spending more funds on libraries to build up their basic collection, whereas long-standing institutions had not increased their expenditure in proportion to increase in students, teachers and rising price of books. Study brought forward that importance given to libraries on theoretical plane was not experienced in practice. To disclose the overall picture of degree college libraries in Kashmir, Raina (1980) took up a study named “Degree College Libraries in Kashmir: A Survey.” Analysis of the responses received from 10 libraries revealed that the collection was outdated and mainly comprised of textbooks. Library services, except circulation service were found missing and majority of libraries were following close access system. Funds were inadequate and the acquisition rate was very slow.


Naidu (1981) in his research paper, “College Libraries in Andhra Pradesh: With Special Reference to Andhra University” attempted to find the causes leading to unhappy situation of libraries. Author disclosed the gloomy picture of college libraries and suggested to lay down some norms and standards for college libraries by inspection commission of each university. He further suggested that atleast 6% of the college budget should be spent on library. Author emphasized the need to give initiation to users in the beginning of each academic year. In an article titled “A Survey of College Libraries in West Godavari District” Raju (1984) explored the prevailing position of libraries of 18 colleges affiliated to Andhra University, Waltair. Various facets of libraries i.e. library staff, building, collection, book banks, budget and technical services, etc have been examined. Financial sources were found inadequate. DDC and AACR-I were popular among libraries. Survey revealed the immediate need to improve the services to meet information needs of students, teachers and research scholars. Kumbar (1986) took up a study named “College Libraries under Gulbarga University Area: A...
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