Chapter 2 Related Studies and Literature

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Chapter 2

Review of Local and Foreign Studies and Literature

Local Studies

According to the study of Anna Marie Beltran Distor of Proposed Sales Monitoring System issued 1995, the accelerated work structure of the company proper monitoring is essential in order to keep track of the company’s sales activities. Her system aims to come up with an efficient, and accurate mechanized system of preparing invoices that will keep track of the daily transaction and generate reports. Important information will be provided by this study in order to prove that the computerization of the company’s operation and achieve a more reliable and efficient means of monitoring day to day activities. Her system focuses on the analysis and design of the sales monitoring system which will monitor the stacks inventory of the sales departments. This system of hers is somewhat related to our study but our system focuses more on the inventory monitoring system of a trading company.

Local Literature

Popular author of Accounting, Waldo T. Passion (1990) in his book stated that, to improve their efficiency and reduce their cost of operation. Reports are more timely and accurate. Computers have large capacity to store data and tremendous speed to manipulate and recall data to the format a user wishes to use which the introduction of microcomputer computation of business is more affordable.

Foreign Study

According to the study of Edwin Bello and his fellow researchers of Computerized Monitoring and Inventory of Stock with Warning Level dated March 2005, many firms have thousands of items of inventory which require some form of control. The usage calculations and record keeping chores would soon become overwhelming were it not for the computer and its unique information storage and retrieval capabilities. Iventory management is a process of developing and maintaining products that are in demand by customers efficient inventory...
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