Chapter 2 on Related Studies

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Foreign studies
Extreme traffic congestion and crowding cerate an aggressive atmosphere (cp. fig. Thus, experienced atmosphere carriers like colourful shops, Chinese pharmacies, exotic market places (cp. appendix A fig. 21, 22), the picturesque Binondo Church (cp. appendix A fig. 23) come not fully into one’s own due to the disorganized surroundings. Numerous untidy areas with visible garbage, filthy canals, fetid sewers and dilapidated heritage buildings are discouraging and leave a lasting memory of neglect and insufficient cleanliness (cp. fig. and appendix A fig. 24). Prevailing monotonous (dark) grey colouration is perceived as oppressive.

The activity spectrum refers mainly to education or shopping with guided tours or through self-exploration. Stimuli are mainly audio-visual, olfactory (spices) and food tasting The district is perceived as complex, with numerous confusing pathways. The orientation is difficult due to missing signage, brochures and absent references to landmarks. Inner district attractions (e.g. market places, temple) are not signposted and difficult to find while on self-exploration. Main attraction elements like Binondo Church, authentic Chinese 151

historic shop-houses, exotic Chinese pharmacies, authentic restaurants, hidden spiritual places are not tourism oriented accentuated and staged for visitors. Unbearable crowding supports a feeling of insecurity. The district offers numerous catering facilities and shops but public restrooms are unavailable. Interconnectivity to adjacent sites (Escolta, Rizal Park, Intramuros) is conveniently within walking distance. Dissertation of Thomas Jung Dec 24 2010

Local Studies

Foreign Literature
Top 5 Chinatown Attractions
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Published Dec 20, 2007

(Photo: Justin Beck.)
Canal Street
Canal St. between Broadway and Centre St.
Prada knockoffs, rhinestone jewelry, designer-impostor perfume, and I Love New York T-shirts...
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