Chapter 2 Filipino Thesis

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Waise Pairasta

Distractions for a fourth year high school student

Online Sources:

1. From the numbers mentioned it is clear to see that the most popular social media network with over 845 million users is Facebook, most of whose users are students. This research blog will speak to how social media networks such as Facebook and Twitter are a distraction for students causing them to do poorly in their education. It will also outline how the students' addiction to the social media networks can have a negative impact.

Social Networking can be a major distraction to fourth year high school students because it diverts attention away from studies by wanting to know what friends and family are up to.
2. Professor Steve Macek described the prevalence of mobile technology as a major distraction in classrooms.  With mobile phones becoming cheaper and easier to obtain for fourth year high school students, it’s harder to concentrate in class when u have internet access on the go. 3. College students are texting frequently during class time, and that may interfere with their ability to pay attention and learn, a new study finds.

While in class trying to learn, a simple text message can lead to a distracting text conversation without the fourth year high school student even realizing it. 4.Nine additional distractions that can lead to students receiving low grades or even failing when taking an online course include: 1. Digital devices other than computers—cell phones, iPods, iPads, video game systems, television, DVD players, etc. 2. Children, family members and neighbors interrupting and demanding your attention when you need to be working on school assignments 3. Worrying about finances, relationships, personal situations or...
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