Chapter 16: the World Economy

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  • Published : January 28, 2013
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Chapter 16 December 21, 2012

Having goods transported to Western Europe from Asia was difficult and the Europeans did not have the technology to acquire theses goods themselves therefore the Middle East becomes the middle men which started to become pricey. During the 15th century, a series of technological improvement triggers the Europeans to set out and acquire these good themselves. The Europeans had gain a spark of interest of the Asia after the Crusades. The European’s never had direct trade with south and East Asia but was familiar to Asian good mostly the upper class. Also the people of the west wanted to go out and discover, moving away from the fear of fall of earth’s edge also helped begin these explorations. The western powers wanted more land and they knew more land meant more goods that they can use and as well as export. The only power that the western Europeans faced was the lack of advanced technology to help then succed these goals The first expeditions were limited because of the lack of proper technology, like small oar-propelled ships that were usually used in Mediterranean trade therefore was not useful when it came top traveling far into the ocean. This factor led to the invasion of a better way to traveling the Atlantic. Deep-draft, round-hulled sailing ships made further exploration possible. The Europeans also began to use the compass that was originally made during the Han China, but the Europeans were starting to improve it as well. Mapmaking and other navigational developments were made as it is mentioned that navigation schools were present and they encouraged exploration. Explosives were another Chinese invention that aided the Europeans with their conquest of land, explosives were adapted into gunnery. Advances in European metalwork which helped to create the first guns and commons. Greed, curiosity and rivalry is...
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