Chapter 15 Test: Glaciers and Erosion

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Chapter 15 Test: Glaciers and Erosion
1.________ pyramid-like peak made of arêtesA. snowfield 2.________the unsorted material left beneath B. snowline the glacier when the ice melts
3.________depressions where most outwash plains are pittedC. cirque 4.________theory that most scientists now acceptD. kettles 5.________large cracksE. horn
6.________masses of ice that occupy millions of square kilometersF. Milanokovitch Theory 7.________an almost motionless mass of permanent snow and iceG.ground moraine 8.________elevation above which ice and snow remain throughout H. crevasses the year

9.________grainy iceI. continental ice sheets
10.________bowl-shaped depressionJ. firn

True and False:
11.The Great Lakes of North America are the result of a combination of erosion and deposition by continental ice sheets. ¬¬¬¬¬_______ 12.When continental ice sheets recede, long ridges of gravel and course sand are absorbed on the way. ________ 13.Snow accumulates year after year in polar regions and in the United States. _______ 14.A snowline is an almost motionless mass of permanent snow and ice. ________ 15.Glacial erosion may produce a bowl-shaped depression know as an esker. ________ 16.A kettle is a mound. ______

17.A long period of climatic cooling during which continental sheets cover large areas of the earth’s surface is known as an ice age. ________ 18.The composition of the water in a salt lake depends on the solved materials it contains. ________ 19.Glaciers covered nearly two-thirds of the earth’s land surface during the last glacial period. _______ 20.Ice ages probably begin with a long-term increase in the earth’s average temperatures. _______

Fill-in The Blank:
21.The two main types of glaciers are valley glaciers and ________ ice sheets. 22.During an ____ age, glacial advances alternate with glacial retreats. 23.The ____________ Theory is the most commonly accepted...
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