Chapter 15 & Saranac Lake

Topics: Culture, Motivation, Psychology Pages: 2 (621 words) Published: March 15, 2013
Chapter 15

DQ1: Which do you think is a more powerful determinant of human behavior- cultural factors or individual differences?
Cultural factors I believe that has more powerful and influenced of human behavior. The nature of their culture start of people how they beliefs are, perception by experience and Values they learn since their young. It has a huge effect for people work at a diverse group that may cause conflicts but can be also cause of learning and adjust themselves to the current nature. Cultural factor makes individual different to each other. It depends on how powerful a person in the said issue. Some people has a strong cultural beliefs, but there’s some people consider to adjust based on the nature, open-mind to understand things around and that makes individual different to others.

DQ6: Do you think it will ever be possible to develop a motivation framework that is applicable in all cultures? Why or why not?
Motivation framework is a difficult thing to do. Some culture may be fit to others but not all. Diverse group in companies when they use the 3rd paradigm that openness and learning to each other culture and people graded as their performance are could be a way to make an effective motivation framework. I believe a diverse group could be effective when they put one goal and objectives in their work and focus to that goal. Collaborate, cooperation and understanding to each other makes culture blend as one success group. Different people also has a different motivation depends on what is more important to them. Like Americans, for example that motivated in money. Then, company raises salary to those employees that are motivated.

DQ8: What advice would give Japanese, an Australian, and an Italian manager just transferred to the United States?
Culture is a huge influence to a human’s behavior. The Managers need to understand the differences of personality, attitudes, perception from different culture and need to make an effective...
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