Chapter 13- I Think I'M in Love with You

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  • Published: September 19, 2013
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Sunday Morning

It was Sunday morning, everyone was awake and they got dressed. Here’s their outfit their wearing today…






Jessica- Hey, Victoria! Let’s check out the girls if their awake.

Victoria- Okay *Follows Jessica*

Jessica- *Walking to the guess room and knocked*

Lola- *Opens the door* Hey Jessica

Jessica- Hey! Are you guys dressed?

Lola/Emma/Shelby- Yeah

Victoria- Then let’s check out the guys

Lola- Okay *Follows Jessica*

Jessica- *Walks to the other room and knocked*

Danny- *Opens the door* Hey Guys*

Girls- Hey

Danny- What are you guys doing here?

Jessica- Hum, are you guys dressed yet?

Danny- Yeah

Jessica- Okay and how about Mason?

Mason- *Walks to the door* I’m dressed already

Jessica- Okay. Let’s go to the park

Everyone- Yeah

Jessica- Okay, let’s go then

Everyone- *Walks to the park*

At The Park

Jessica- What do you want to do?

Danny- *Arms around Lola* I think I going to sit with Lola under a tree

Jessica- Okay

Victoria- I’m going to go to the swings

Jessica- Okay, I’m coming with you

Victoria- Ok

Mason- *Hanging out with other guys and looking back at Jessica*

Jessica- *swinging and laughing*

Emma- Hey Shelby, do you want to hanging out with toughs guys there *Pointing at the guys at the baseball felid*

Shelby- Okay *Follows Emma*

Victoria- Are you scared going on your date tonight?

Jessica- No, Why?

Victoria- I’m just asking

Jessica- Okay then

Victoria- What do you want to do next?

Jessica- Hum, how about this *Hit Victoria’s arm* Tag your it

Victoria- You want to play that game. Okay than *Tagged Danny* Tag your it...
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