Chapter 13 of Lord of the Flies

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Chapter 13:
“Adventure Home”
The boys have stayed on this island for almost 3 months with no adults at all. Ralph was sitting on a burnt tree trunk thinking while the navy officer was waiting for the cruise ship to come close to the island. The rest were standing together half naked on the beach and in the sun. For a moment, Ralph felt the tears well up his eyes as a thought crossed his mind about the time he spent with the boys on the island. 0Whenever Ralph looked at Jack and the boys with painted faces and long hair, it reminded him of his loyal friend named Piggy who was killed many days ago. He couldn’t believe things would have gone this far and the boys have fallen within a few months, Ralph also blamed himself for not being a good chief and allow the boys to lose all reverence for the rules of a civilization and become savages. Right now, Ralph was crying out the pain within him when the navy officer came nearby him, gave him pat on the shoulder and said “Fear no more my son, we’re here now. We shall have you cleaned up and get you some rest. Then once we’ve reached our destination in the Great Britain, we shall help you find your relatives and all of you can rejoin your families again.” The littluns, who were sitting with Jack and Roger, came running to the British officer and hugged him joyfully, except the older kids. The navy officer went to those kids and interviewed them: “What’s your name lad and how long have you been on this island?” asked the navy officer. “My name is Jack, sir?”

A boy with red hair and a cap on his head responded first and followed by Roger and Samneric. “We’ve been on this island for a while now sir. We’re not sure how long we’ve been here.’’ “Why have you lads all painted your faces and why hasn’t that boy with fair hair?” the officer continued asking. At that point, Jack and the other boys were speechless. Later, they want to say something but words died at their lips. Finally, a voice comes out among the silence: “Because I’m not one of them, sir.” answered Ralph from the back. “Okay, then.” said the officer doubtfully, “let’s get you lads ready for departure.” Without any further questions, at last the ship came closer to the island and picked up passengers. One by one the boys lined up in queue and got on the ship. The navy officer was the last one to get on the ship because he was checking around to see if there were still some kids left behind. After that, the ship starts to move onward into the blue horizon. The island gradually vanished but the smoke from the burning forests was still visible from the distance as a signal for rescue. The littluns were arranged to occupy the room near the stairs which was big enough for them to stay while the older boys wanted to stay outdoor for a while. Ralph, who was feeling exhausted, joined the littluns to the room for some rest after a long day of running. As they were walking along the corridor, Ralph heard a bumping noise from the distance. The littluns heard it too but they were too tired to go off and see, so they decided to get into the room and go to sleep. Ralph went on alone to see what was happening and he saw Jack and Roger were having a fight. Without any words, Ralph engaged the fight and tried to separate the two boys from each other. Roger was trying to punch Jack but he hit Ralph in the face instead. After that, the duel stopped and there was a dead silence among the three boys. Suddenly Roger shouted out loud: “Why are we here on this cruise ship?! We supposed to be on the island, having fun and hunting pigs!!” he paused then continued, “We supposed to kill this guy standing right here who was trying to ruin our fun on the island!!!” “No, it’s over. We have got to return to the real world now, to our home.” said Jack with tears in his eyes, “It’s where we belong! Don’t you understand?” “Fine, serve yourself then!” said Roger and he ran away afterward. Jack turned to Ralph and tried to speak out a word but he couldn’t...
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