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Chapter 13 Ap Us History

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Chapter 13 Ap Us History

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All questions courtesy of Houghton Mifflin's The American Pageant Guidebook; A Manual For Students, Eleventh Edition, 1998

Chapter 13: The Rise of Mass Democracy (The Jacksonian Era)

Where the statement is true, mark T. Where it is false, mark F, and correct it in the space immediately below.

___ 1. The last election based on the elitist political system was the 4-way presidential campaign of 1824 involving Jackson, Clay, Crawford, and John Quincy Adams

___ 2. Henry Clay disproved the charge of a "corrupt bargain" between himself and President Adams by refusing to accept any favors from the administration.
He accepted the position of secretary of state

___ 3. President Adams attempted to uphold strong nationalistic principles in a time of growing sectionalism.

___ 4. In his personal lifestyle as well as his policies, Andrew Jackson epitomized the hard-working ordinary frontiersman in contrast to the wealthy Adams and his supporters.

___ 5. The election campaign of 1828 was notable for its focus on the issues of the tariff and popular democracy rather than on personalities and mudslinging.
Other way around

___ 6. Jackson’s victory in 1828 did represent the triumph of the West and the common people over the older elitist political system.

___ 7. The Jacksonians practiced their belief that the ordinary citizen was capable of holding almost any public office without particular qualifications.

___ 8. One consequence of the spoils system was the building of powerful political machines based on favors and rewards distributed to political supporters.

___ 9. The “Tariff of Abomination” was passed over the strong opposition of President Jackson. It was John Q. Adams

___ 10. South Carolina’s fierce opposition to the tariff reflected anxiety that enhanced federal power might be turned against the institution of slavery.

___ 11. When the Supreme...

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