Chapter 12 Questions

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Chapter 12
Making a job offer
1. Recommend whether Jane should receive a best-shot, competitive, or low-ball offer, and why. I would recommend that the best-shot offer is given to Jane. This is the best chance we would have to securing Jane for the position. She already advised that she was up for a promotion at her current job and offering her less than the best may make her decide to stay and wait for the promotion. The 45 minutes mile move might change her children’s school district which is a big decision for a parent. Also currently she does not have copay for insurance and a higher pay would help compensate for the 20% co pay she would now have. Not making a best-shot offer may not make giving up a promotion, no copay and moving her children worth it.

2. Recommend other inducements beyond salary, health insurance, vacation, and hours schedule that might be addressed in the job offer, and why. Recently, Arlan has been experiencing a high turnover rate with less than desirable employees. To help bring in quality employee that have the potential to stay with the company I would recommend a hiring bonus. Offering a monetary bonus will encourage managers to bring in desirable candidates. I would recommend a cash bonus of $250.00 after the employee stays for 6 months and $250.00 after the employee stays for a year. Assistant management and management will also be offered a yearly bonus based on performance and production. In addition to hours, I would recommend in Jane’s case that she is required to either work Saturday or Sunday. This will negotiate with the fact the other managers are required to work weekends and Jane prefer s not to work both days of the weekend. Arlan should also offer to pay moving expenses since Jane will have to relocate in order to accept the position.
3. Draft a proposed job offer letter to Jane, incorporating your recommendations in points (1) and (2) above, as well as other desired features that should be...
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