Chapter 12 Notes for Speech

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Chapter 12 Notes

Informative speech is a speech designed to create understanding about people, thing, event, place, problem or concept.

*4 Characteristics of Informative Speech*
Speaker Intent-Create understanding by clarifing, expanding, or teaching a specific topic to the audience. Supporting Information-Supports material by clarifying, adding interest, and prove. Including definitions, explanations, examples and illustrations, comparisons, quotations and statistics. Audience Information-Use of pscycholgical information(value, beliefs, attitudes and behaviors) they gain from analyzing the audience in order to relate their topics more effectivelt to the grames of reference of their listeners. Speaker Expectations-Expective informative speakers expect their audience members to grasp the full content of each presentation.

*Organizational Patterns for Informative Speeches*
There are 2 main parts that inclide organizing and outlinging. This helps you get what your main points down . In the end it helps you save time when you come to writting the whole speech.

Chronological pattern-Explains a process in a step-by-step squences. Spatial or Geographical Pattern- is when you want to explain your main points are related to each other because of their physical or geographical lacation. Tropical Pattern-When you present categories, aspects, features or elements of a topic, but there is no chronological or spatial relationship amont the main points. Casual Pattern- When main points have a relationship to each other because one point is the cause of some phenomenon and the other point is the effect of it. Problem Solution patterns- Reviewing a problem and offering and informative look at two or more possible solutions.

*Speech Intorductions have 5 main functions*
Catch the audiences attention (a attention grabber)
Build rapport by creating a feeling of good will with audience. Establish your credibility by clarifying why you picked this topic as well as...
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