Chapter 11 Oceanography

Topics: Exxon Valdez oil spill, Water, Ocean Pages: 3 (661 words) Published: June 4, 2011
Chapter 11

Review Questions

For coastal oceans where deep mixing does not occur, discuss the effect that offshore winds and fresh water runoff will have on salinity distribution. How will the winter and summer seasons affect the temperature distribution in the water column? -Coastal waters are those relatively shallow water areas that adjoin continents or island. Winter and Summer Seasons drastically affect climate and temperature distribution in the water column

Describe the difference between vertically mixed and slat wedge estuaries in terms of salinity distribution, depth, and volume of river flow. Which displays the more classical estuarine circulation pattern? -Vertically mixed estuary is a shallow, low volume estuary where the net flow always proceeds from the head of the estuary toward its mouth

Discuss factors that cause the surface salinity of Chesapeake Bay to be greater along its east side, and why periods of summer anoxia in deep water are becoming increasingly severe with time. -Beneath the pycnocline, which can be as shallow as 5 meters, waters may become anoxic from may through August, as dead organic matter decays in the deep water causing it to become severe over time

Name the two types of coastal wetland environments and the latitude ranges where each will likely develop. How do wetlands contribute to the biology of the oceans and the cleansing of polluted river water? -Salt marshes and mangrove swamps

What factors lead to a wide seasonal range of salinity in Laguna Madre? -Seasonal changes caused its wide seasonal range of salinity.

Why would many marine pollution experts consider oil among the least damaging pollutants in the ocean? - Because oil is a hydrocarbine

Discuss techniques used to clean oil spills. Why is it important to begin the cleanup immediately? -It goes through primary treatment, where solids are allowed to settle and dewater, and secondary treatment, where it is exposed to...
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