Chapter 10 Organizational and Household Decision Making

Topics: Decision making, Household, Family Pages: 4 (1164 words) Published: March 15, 2013
1. How might current trends in the family life cycle and changes in the decision-making process influence the Turkish coffee market?

Coffee was bought to Istanbul in 1555 by two Syrian traders from Yemen and start from that, Turkish coffee remained an important routine in Turkish households. Although a choice is limited to a few brands, Turkish coffee still becomes the main choice.

However, the times has change while consumer in Turkish prefer to include flavored in the coffee and decaffeinated coffee such as latte, espresso and filtered. The consumer also widened to buy coffee in myriad. Other than that, the increasing for convenience has also affected the market, while the downgrading coffee from luxury product to convenience product.

Marketers apply the family life cycle to segment household. The family life cycle combines trends income and family composition with the changes the demand place on income . As we age, our preferences and needs tends to change. The changes include the age ,marital status and presences of kids at home.

Depending on the decision in question, the choice may include some or all group members and different group members inside the family may play different roles. In simple, there are 5 roles in collective decision making.

* Initiator
The initiator role is played by the person who brings up the idea or identifies the need. * Gatekeeper
The person who conducts the information search and controls the flow of information available to the group is the gatekeeper. * Influencer
Those family members who provide information and advice and thus influence the purchase. The housewife tells her family about the new eatery that has opened in the neighborhood and her favorable description about it influences her husband and teenaged children. * Buyer

Those family members who actually buy a particular product or service. A housewife may be the person who actually buys all the foodstuffs, rations and toiletries, which...
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