Chapter 10 of the Book the World Is Flat

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The Virgin of Guadalupe

In Chapter 10 “The Virgin of Guadalupe” the book talks about how differencing with the flattening of the world. How China has past Mexico in exports to the United States. How they have also started even making statuettes of Mexico’s patron saint, the Virgin of Guadalupe. How countries are advancing or getting left behind by the flatting of the world. How governance, infrastructure, and education are helping countries succeed in todays world. Even though every country is going in the same direction they are all doing with many different speeds with China being at the top. To be successful in a flattening world countries have to make and ship items cheaper than other countries. China has now past Mexico in exports to the United States to put them second on the exports list to the U.S. behind Canada. China even started exporting the statuette of Mexico’s patron saint, the Virgin of Guadalupe. When China can make them and ship them all the way across the Pacific more cheaply than Mexico can produce them there selves, then that is when we can realize we are living in a flat world.

Another item China has started was Egypt’s colorful lantern called fawanis. A fawani has a burning inside of it and Egyptian school children traditionally carried them around during Ramadan which is a tradition that dates back centuries. For centuries a small low-waged workshop in Cairo had manufactured them until the last few years. This is when the Chinese-made ones began flooding the market. They were made with a battery powered light instead of a candle and they were plastic instead of metal that had shape edges. This also made them safer for the children to be swinging around. People with ties to the Egyptian fawani industry believe that China has a clear advantage over Egypt. With its superior technology, China can make mass quantities at one time which helps to keep prices relatively low.

As the world flattens countries are advancing or getting...
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