Chapter 10 Case Study

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Alicia Dukes
Case Study CH 10
March 21, 2013
Case Study CH 10: Invincibility Systems
Invincibility Systems has taken extreme action in their Human Resource planning and recruiting. They have taken into account lots of important characteristics needed in a successful employee/business. They get very specific and study individual employees. For example, they study not only if a turnover will rise or fall, but also which employees are most likely to leave. Employees with Invincibility typically fill highly specialized and highly skilled roles. If an engineer with a highly skilled job retires, someone just as capable will need to be there for back up to take his spot.

Some things not mentioned in the case that Invincibility needs to consider may be personality conflicts of current employees and recruits, are they a team player, attendance history, any technology changes in the near future, if the workforce is or will be multicultural, etc.

In today’s workforce, technology is ever changing…very often and very quickly. It is tough for the older generation to catch up and keep up with all the new computers and phones and such. As more and more new inventions are coming onto the market, employees have to learn more and more each day to know how to operate them. This raises the question of whether to clean house of the “out-of-date” employees (rather than training them) or just hiring new and younger fresh minds. It will take lots of time and money to train current employees, but they do deserve that loyalty.

A multicultural workforce is also a relevant factor. Often there are workers traveling to other countries just for work; these people are called inpatriates or expatriates. People coming to America for work can bring many new fresh ideas that may highly benefit an American company. It also looks very good having foreign people in the workforce. They bring cultural diversity and new language to your job.

Gap analysis is used to decide...
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