Chapter 1 Systems Analysis and Design Thesis (Resort)

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A resort is like a small community composed of buildings and facilities located in a scenic area that provides lodging, entertainment, and a relaxing environment for people on vacation. Basic accommodations offered by resorts nowadays are swimming pools, cottage and room rentals, and restaurants. The resort business is becoming popular nowadays due to the growing demand of people for a convenient one-stop-place of leisure and comfort. The resort is a business in which they offer enjoyable moments to visitors to make them feel that something worth noticing happens. Vacationers enjoy significant moments and the charm they feel also rewards the organization with genuine monetary gain in lieu of the staffs’ persistent efforts to make such places heavenly.

Villa Concepcion Wet & Wild Waves, Inc. is a growing resort business located in Masuso, Pandi, Bulacan. If people want to avoid the crowded areas especially during the hot summer season, this resort is definitely their choice. It has seven pools to choose from and a variety of affordable cottages and rooms available for the guests. They allow telephone reservations and accept walk-in guests. In today’s world, information technology is becoming a necessity. It helps in doing things easier, faster, and more convenient. It is beneficial to individuals and organizations such as business enterprises, companies, institutions, and the government. One big contribution of the information technology is the computer. A computer is a machine which can take instructions, and perform computations based on those instructions. Computers are fast becoming our way of life and one cannot imagine life without computers in today’s world. You go to a hotel for reservation, you buy a ticket for a cinema, you go to a library, or you go to a bank, you will find computers at all places.

Almost all business entities use computer systems in dealing with their transactions and storage of their files. Computer has made the work easy with its speed, memory, reliability in computing, and ease to retrieve data.
The study is made for the VCWWWI that deals with day-to-day operations transaction systems, room and cottages reservation, property management system, conference and banqueting system, and stock-control system. REVIEW OF RELATED LITERATURE

History of Resorts
Roman Empire: Baths
The origin of resorts can be traced back to the second century B.C. to the public baths of Rome. The first baths were small, modest and separated the genders. Eventually, the baths became larger, more elaborate and were opened to both men and women. These baths were large buildings built at the public’s expense. Some were even built by wealthy emperors who wanted to make a statement. Most baths were free but few had small entrance fees. Baths were much like resorts of today because of all the amenities offered at their location. After bathing there was always plenty to do. Most baths included gyms, libraries, snack bars, restaurants, shops, lounges, taverns, museums and theatres. The facilities were used for health and social purposes. Europe: Mass Follows Class

The first noteworthy resort area was developed in Belgium in 1326 in a town now called Spa. An ironmaster, named Colin le Loup, was cured of a long-term illness when he bathed in the iron-rich waters near Liege. He opened a shelter there and the town surged in popularity. Spa means fountain. The popularity of spas and resorts in England is a result of King Charles II visiting trendy hot spots in the 1600s. Today, royalty and superstars still seem to set trends of where the best places to go are. Many English spas are unique because they have gambling and dancing. Spas also became popular because of the medical benefits that were attributed to them such as waters that were rich in certain minerals and could cure ailments. The Swiss resort industry was developed in the 1800s to...
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