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Nowadays every library in different schools is completing their goal of becoming a “digital library”. Some libraries have a wealth of advancing their library systems to provide better services not only for the students but also to their teachers and employees. Having an online library system especially for a public school is a convenient way of catching the attention of the students and greatly helps the librarian of the school. It is also a convenient way for any kind of transaction of borrowing and returning books.


The Technological University of the Philippines (TUP) is the flagship of technology education in the Philippines. Since the establishment of the TUP from a trade school in 1901 to a state university in 1978, it has exercised its tremendous influence in industrial arts, post-secondary, vocational-industrial education and in technical and engineering education. It has helped in the professional growth and development of teachers, supervisors and administrators in various educational institutions. Likewise, it has greatly contributed to the supply of skilled manpower requirements in the labor market and industries. At the same time, it has gradually provided the dynamic leadership in conducting applied research and developmental studies for the advancement and transfer of technology, especially in the countryside. 

The TUP-Taguig is rooted from history as the Manila Technician Institute (MTI), one of the three prototype technician institutes established by the National Government in 1977. In 1978, PCAT was granted its university status, renamed into the Technological University of the Philippines and was designated as the apex of technology education in the country. This development brought the MTI under the management of the TUP and its eventual renaming as TUP-Taguig in 1985. Today, the TUP-Taguig is the main provider of technology education in the southeastern part of Metro Manila...
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