Chapter 1-4 Employee System

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Problem and Its Background

A new age has begun, an age of high technologies wherein most of us were using. Because of the knowledge given by the Lord Almighty, humans had done a great job in taking the people’s way of living to a new level.

New technologies are only one of the main reasons why several institutions and companies reach their success. Computerized systems help them in monitoring, storing and securing files in a well-developed manner that a manual system cannot comprehend. However there are still some institutions and companies doing the old habit.

As the proponents undergo their On-the-Job training at Embarcadero Land Ventures, they noticed that the HR Department had difficulties in arranging, storing and finding the information files of all the employees and their designated departments. They also experienced difficulties in securing those files because it is printed in papers that are prone to fire and water.

The proponents aim to develop a computerized system wherein all the information about a certain employee is stored in a database. In that case the HR personnel will no longer have difficulties in arranging the files and locating the information of a certain employee and what department he/she is. The user of the system will also know the remaining working days of a certain employee and the system will also provides back up of the employees information. Because the information are stored in database, no more bulky papers in file cabinets, no worries if the files may be accidentally burn or get wet. Project Context

Information Technology Capstone project is one of the requirements for an Information Technology student. While having the training at the assigned company every information technology student is expected to develop a system that will help the company to facilitate the flow of works. The Embarcadero de Legazpi is a premier waterfront development in the Legazpi City harbor that is emerging as world-class lifestyle hub both for tourist and the locals. It has become Bicol region’s premier urban mall and shopping centre that gives an array of lifestyle options whether for dining, shopping or entertainment. With beaming searchlight on top its signature shimmering lighthouse and colorful lights reflecting on seawaters, nocturnal partygoers are drawn to this newfound haven where serene nature meets stylish urban living. The request system of the company is information system for new hired or regular employee. Information system is a collection of information of an employee and people’s activities that support operations, management, and decision making. It is a system that an organization uses and also to people interact with the technology in support of business processes. The recipients of the proposed system are the Embarcadero de Legazpi especially the Human Resources Department. As the employees, they perform the following tasks: 1. To secure the data and organizes the records of the new hired and regular employees. 2. Finding the records of the employee in a short period of time. 3. Add and update information of the employee when it is needed. 4. Provides back up and monitors the performance of the employees. 5. Provides computations of the remaining working days of the employee in the company. With the manual system they used, they experienced difficulties in their functions. Regards with the usage of the existing system the proponents identified some of their following problems: 1. Record of the employees stored in file storage. No duplicate or backup copies are being written and kept. And they are not properly arranged which therefore requires more effort in searching for the records 2. In searching for specific records that could be the cause of delaying their work and more time needed to search records. 3. The data are not secured and mostly they lost it.

4. They have no back up for the data of the employees.
The ELVI...
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