Chapter 1-2 Outline of the Enduring Vision Ap Us History

Topics: Americas, Protestant Reformation, Europe Pages: 4 (597 words) Published: August 1, 2011
Rachel Wright
Sector 3۫۫ 8/2/11
Chapter 1

I. Native Peoples of America

A. Iroquois
1. 5 Native Americans
2. Engaged in endless cycles of violence
3. Hiawatha
a. Tried to restore peace
b. Wandered through nature in search of finding answers.
c. Hiawatha & Deganawidah (peacemaker)’s story wasn’t written until the 19th century.
c. Found holy man who helped their nation to be introduced in a new message of peace.

B. Submerging Differences
1. Made a confederacy based on the condolence ritual.
2. Sequence of bloody warfare lowered by peace.
3. Orgins date around A.D. 1400

II. First Americans
A. C. 13,000-2500 B.C.
B. New worlds
a. Two routes to get too America.
b. Most arrived in multiple migrations.
c. First settled in Alaska and NorthWestern Canada.

C. Many resources in the “new world”

III. Cultural Diversity
A. Mesoamerica and south America
a. Developed methods
b. Heredity rules excersized power.
B. SouthWest
a. Most of northern Mexico.
b. Reached the area about 2500 B.C. then full time farming came around 400 B.C.
c. Hohokam occurred third century and grew with ideas and materials.
C. Eastern Woodlands
a. Mississippi Valley to the Atlantic.
b. City of Cahokia.
1. Between the 10th and 13th centuries.
2. Archaeology provided Cahokian’s with resources for social structure, trade networks and beliefs.
3. By 1200 Cahokia declined in size and power as southeast and Midwest passed it.

IV. Spiritual and Social Values
A. Manitou was their spiritual power.
B. Spiritual Power
1. Visions in their sleep were very serious,
2. Found power through difficult physical ordeals.
3. There were many initiations.
C. Discovering America
1. Europeans discovered it in 1492.
2. After 1500 there was a new attitude towards north America.
3. European newcomers claimed territory for their people.

Chapter 2
I. African and European People
A. Christopher...
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