Chapter 1

Topics: Cocaine, Cooking, Culinary art Pages: 1 (257 words) Published: October 27, 2012
Patricia Haro
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Cooked by Jeff Henderson
In the first chapter, Jeff the main character, in this story was searching to find a job to provide for his family. He was an ex-convict which was harder for him to find a job. A lot of employers were more interested on why he was in prison than the new life he was trying to pursue. He talked about how he used to cook and sell crack cocaine for a large profit of money. However he was arrested and was sent to prison where he found his talent was in the kitchen. He worked his way up in the ranks and became head chef. When he was released he continued to cook and wanted to find a career as a chef. A meaningful event that happened was Jeff continued to cook, even though now he is a chef he started cooking as a drug dealer. This is a meaningful event because he discovered his talent in cooking; he went from cooking crack cocaine to food. A person that affected me in the story was the chef from Caesars Palace because he gave him the opportunity to provide for his family, change his life around, and prove that he is talented and can be successful. “Mr.Henderson,” he said. “Did you kill anyone?” “No, sir.” “All right.” He said. “I want you to cook me dinner on Friday. Write up a menu.” This quote stuck out to me mostly because he gave him the chance and opportunity.
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