Chaotic Nature

Topics: Nazi Germany, Adolf Hitler, World War II Pages: 3 (1178 words) Published: May 14, 2013
‘The chaotic nature of the Nazi Government structure explains the failures in German war production during the Second World War’. Discuss. There is ample evidence that Germany’s war production levels increased during the Second World War in 1942, when ammunition, tanks and total arms increased by significant percentages due to Albert Speer relaxing constraints on businesses, and increasing the number of workers. However, one cannot not deny that the chaotic nature of the Nazi Government structure undermined war production excessively, due to the fact the German economy was not fully mobilised for war. It is also evident that the shortage of raw materials and labour affected the economy massively, furthermore with the SS remaining loyal to themselves; murdering six million Jews instead of seeking labour. The key factor of the failures in German war production is that the Nazi state was too chaotic and remained loyal to their ideology rather than to the war effort, with too many agencies competing for any consistent policy to be formulated; thus slackening war production. Certainly, the chaotic nature of the Nazi Government is the most significant factor of Germany’s failed war production. Hitler planned to start the war in 1942, 3 years later than when it officially started, additionally he didn’t plan when and how he was going to attack the USSR. The actual mobilisation of the German economy was marred by inefficiency and poor co-ordination. Additionally, Nazi leadership was shocking, as the pressures resulting from the premature outbreak of war created problems, due to many agencies’ projects encouraged being ready for 1943. As a result, all the agencies continued to function in their own way, and not together which created conflict. Thus, the Nazi economy was characterised by shortages, duplicates and waste; with Britain spending half as much and producing 50% more. Therefore, with all the Nazi agencies working on their own to impress Hitler, and not together,...
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