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Topics: Intelligence, Gifted education, Education Pages: 1 (283 words) Published: September 27, 2012
Channeling Students into a Gifted Program
Tracy Teems
June 28, 2012
Axia College

Channeling Students into a Gifted Program
Early intervention can be applied as early as preschool and child care environments. Having a rich and stimulating environment is essential to supporting achievement of positive learning patterns (Sweeney, 2008). Teachers and caregivers need to pay attention to the child’s performance in their natural setting, looking for such things as motor skills, social skills, language, and self-help skills. Any of these skills can indicate that a child might be gifted. Once a child is thought to be gifted it is important to design activities that challenge the child’s abilities (Sweeney, 2008). Giving small children memory puzzles, books and number problems will help them to advance in their gift. Assessing a child’s work should be done by checking for the accuracy of the work, and the completion and timeliness of the work. Children should then be referred to gifted classes that will help them grown and accelerate in their area of giftedness. A child needs to be further evaluated using testing and monitoring by teachers (Sweeney, 2008). Programs for gifted children should include activities that challenge the student with higher levels of instruction. With a variety of different activities and making some of them time to challenge the student. Students should be made aware that the gifted classes will not take away from their social activities with their peers. Parents should also be involved in the learning process, ensuring them that their child will be taught to their fullest potential.

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